Mobility where you want it.
Bee Mobile provides convenient scooter hives at partner locations putting wheels where riders need them most.
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Fun and affordable mobility solutions for residential communities and vacation destinations
Service Features

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Innovative Partnerships
Bee Mobile provides convenient scooter “hives” at residential, hospitality and corporate partner locations

Revere, MA

Residential Properties

500 Ocean
Revere, MA

Communities & Campuses

Best Western
1000 Oaks, CA

Leisure & Hospitality
Our Pricing Includes
Bikes & electric scooters for renting at low prices
  • Helmets
  • Assistance
  • Insurance
  • App-enabled
  • Discounts
  • Maintenance
Our fleet
Bee Mobile scooters are designed with safety in mind
Partnering with the future in mind
The Bee Mobile model ensures scooters are where they are needed most while reducing operational impacts on public streets.
Improve mobility
Provide your tenants or guests a way to explore the city or run local errands with the convenience of a dedicated scooter fleet at your property.
Easy amenity addition
Bee Mobile provides the equipment, technology and insurance, making scooter rental a low-impact amenity addition to your property.
Bring a green transportation option to your property while reducing local traffic congestion and meeting city or state sustainability requirements.
Safety mind-set
Bee Mobile prioritizes safety for our riders. Scooters include added safety features turn signals, solid tires and locking mechanisms. We also provide helmets to partner locations.
Bee there faster
Wheels where you need them with the click of an app
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    Download the App
    Download the Bee Mobile app on the App Store or Google Play, create an account and reserve your first ride.
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    Unlock Scooter and You’re Off!
    Bee Mobile scooters have an app-enabled lock feature. Once you’ve reserved your scooter, scan, unlock and you’re good to go!
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Bee Mobile provides partners with equipment & support
From equipment, to app, to customer support — Bee Mobile makes scooters a convenient addition to community amenities.
Bee Helmet
Safety Mindset
Bee Mobile scooters are built with safety in mind — with hand-brakes, turn signals and locking tethers.
Partner locations are provided with helmets for rider use, and frequent users can choose to purchase
their own.
Hive Stations
Scooters can be charged on-site using a standard power strip. Partner locations can also opt for convenient docking station providing charging in an easy-to-find location for riders.
Customer Support
Bee Mobile’s easy-to-use app provides riders with quick access to questions, and customer support
via phone and email. Partners locations have access to a dedicated support line for property management assistance.
What Our Partners & Riders Have to Say